Friday, 14 December 2012

Target Audience Research - Dance Scene

We obviously consider the opinion of our target audience highly, so today myself and Beth had an informal meeting with 3 of your target audience, all in their teens to discuss the use of the dance scene within our video.

We showed them the video to the left to see if they thought it was an effective way of showing the distress and life changes that our own actor has to portray.

They said that they thought it worked really well in terms of showing these things, but in a really different, and less obvious way. One member stated it gave the video more of a meaning, and that with the use of this, the video was open to much more interpretation by the viewer.

After these comments, myself and Beth went away and did some more research into the dance, to get a proper feel for what the original intentions of this dance were, and whether they relate to our cause. We found this 'definition' and felt that it genuinely did match the way we wanted to use the dance.

"The beauty of "The Black Swan" lies in the capacity of Aronofsky mind to link schizophrenia to one of the most popular ballet play. This is like linking the ugly side of mind to one of the most beautiful form of art.The constant fight that every one of us is having between wrong and right, good and bad, our white and our black swan. It takes intelligence and au dace to show a struggle that schizophrenia patient go through in a world of- what society sees as pure beauty- ballet dancers. Lonely girl in a route to perfection and success. Wrong mother - daughter relations, very demanding maestro and jealousy  that drives you mad."

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