Monday, 10 December 2012

Characters within our Music Video - Carl Martin/Sam Killing

Sam Killing.

Sam Killing, is playing the role of Carl Martin in our music video. Despite not being the main focus of the video, it is still imperative that we ensure that Sam suits the role of Carl Martin. Being an acoustic, Nu-Folk artist, Carl Martin wears casual looking clothes, which suit his 'relaxed' style music. Fortunately for us, Killing also wears similar clothes to Martin, meaning that costumes and props are not a major issue in regards to Carl.

We also feel that, being the sort of genre and artist that Carl is, a guitar would provide a good effect throughout the video. We feel that in majority of the shots of Carl, he will either be playing the guitar, or have a guitar on him. We feel that this suits the song itself. Sam himself  has a range of guitars that could be used for our video.

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