Monday, 17 December 2012

Shot List - Music Video

A rough note of shots!
  1. Begins how it ends, Charley in bath drowned, opened eyes 3 seconds 
  2. Close up of Charley's eyes, full of make-up, smoky eye effect for 5 seconds
  3. Zoom out, to show close up of face - Charley smiles for 3 seconds
  4. Pans around to mirror as she looks at herself in the mirror before she goes out, Carl is in the background of the mirror with his guitar 6 seconds
  5. Cuts to Charley walking past Carl as if he was a ghost (mid shot) and out of the door 3 seconds
  6. Cuts to Charley grabbing her bag and bottle of vodka 3 seconds
  7. Cuts to Charley walking into a room full of all her friends pre drinking 10 seconds made up of lots of different little shots
  8. Cuts to Carl close up of his face singing 2 seconds
  9. Cuts to all the friends taking shots and laughing and having fun 7 seconds
  10. Cuts to club scene 20 seconds 
  11. Cuts to Carl stood watching over the girls dancing and singing (world passing by, blurred effect) long shot) 5 seconds
  12. Quick short takes of Charley necking back loads of different drinks 5 seconds
  13. Drug taking in the toilet 10 seconds
  14. Weird hand held camera scene to show Charley effected by drugs 6 seconds
  15. Cut to Charley passing out in club 4 seconds
  16. Cut to morning after, in her bedroom, panning down the bed to show the feet (2 pairs, slept with someone) 4 seconds
  17. Boyfriend walking up to door and banging on door 3 seconds
  18. Carl watching through the window and singing 5 seconds
  19. Boyfriend bangs door down, see's cocaine and empty alcohol bottles 5 seconds
  20. Cut to mid shot of 2 pairs of feet sticking out of covers 3 seconds
  21. Close up of boyfriends face in anger 2 seconds
  22. Boyfriend storms out (long shot) banging door loudly wakes up Charley 2 seconds
  23. Charley jumps out of bed and runs out door and down corridor to chase after 4 seconds
  24. Cut to Charley running through park (side shot, establishing shot) and past Carl who is sat on bench with guitar singing
  25. Charley falls down, cuts knees
  26. Cut to Carl singing on bench
  27. Cut to Charley walking back through door, searching through fridge for bottle of wine
  28. Walks into bedroom and sits down necking bottle
  29. Cut into text messages from friends 
  30. Close up of face
  31. Looks under chair to find drugs from night before
  32. Takes drugs
  33. Notes
  34. Runs bath
  35. Downs more wine
  36. Drowns herself

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