Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Risk Assessment

How to combat
Trailing leads loose whilst filming
Tripping over, hazard to actors and directors.
Ensure all leads and cables are out of the way when filming. It may also be necessary to tape the wires down, to avoid them from being kicked, or causing a trip.
As we will be filming in the winter months, there is potential for snow, and ice. This could cause some serious issues not only for actors but also for equipment too. It will also be very cold
Before every shoot outside, survey the area and highlight any risky area’s, and avoid them at all costs. Ensure actors and directors are wearing appropriate footwear, and make sure that outside filming time actors are kept warm to avoid illness.
Nightclub scene
Damage to equipment and actors
To avoid damage to college equipment, we will be using my own phone with it’s 9 megapixel camera HD camera which we feel will be sufficient for the job. We also feel that it will add to the effect of of the scene. As the areas is likely to be busy we should also ensure we choose the right spot, and ensure that the actors are capable of filming.
Damage to equipment
We will be using a number of means to transport equipment and actors from location to location such as Beth’s car, reliable bus services and trains. We feel this is safer than walking, due to the time of year and unpredictability of rain.
Morality Issues
We must ensure our viewers know that no actual drugs have been used in our production, as we will be using sherbet and an assortment of confectionary to portray this effect. We will also be using empty bottles. We also feel it is prudent to include a message to clarify this.
Breakages and wounding to ac tors and directors.
There is a danger of the bottles we are using to break due to the numerous environments we are filming in. To combat this we will be ensuring that all the bottles will be safely held onto tables to make sure no harm comes to actors or equipment
Taxi Scene
Identity Issues
As one of our scenes is filmed in a taxi, it is imperative we get the taxi drivers permission to film prior to filming, as there are ethical and identity issues. We will do this by filming us asking for permission and then showing this on the blog.
Bath Scene
Potential water threat to equipment and actors
In our first and last scene we portray our actor in the bath. We must ensure that all our efforts go into ensuring the safety of our actors and making the shots as safe as a possible. We will include a message alongside the the drug message ensuring views know that no harm came to the actor. We will also no be filling the bath very high and ensuring the shots are taken quickly as the actors health is a priority. Equipment must also be kept away from water to avoid water damage. To do this, we will be placing newspaper and mats around the area we are working to to avoid any cables, and only be in close proximity with water  on one occasion, the rest of the time we will utilise the zoom feature on the cameras.

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