Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Contacting the Cast

Beth Collett - 07738667873
Charley Walters - 07918144919
Amara Lane - 07770899623
Sam Killing - 07581332497

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

To Do - Music Video

11/12/12 - Complete Animatic 
13/12/12 - Create a table with all props, costumes, and costs
14/12/12 - Test out use of green screen
13/12/12 - Create risk assessments 
19/12/12 - Photograph all locations that are vital in the production*
19/19/12 - Practice lip syncs and dance scene**
20/20/12 - Use edit suites to test out desired effects***

*This can easily be completed as the task is relatively simple in nature and will be done on time.
** As this process would be fairly time consuming, we are planning to do this outside of lesson before we begin filming
*** This can also be done with some sample clips, and should be completed on time

Monday, 17 December 2012

Shot List - Music Video

A rough note of shots!
  1. Begins how it ends, Charley in bath drowned, opened eyes 3 seconds 
  2. Close up of Charley's eyes, full of make-up, smoky eye effect for 5 seconds
  3. Zoom out, to show close up of face - Charley smiles for 3 seconds
  4. Pans around to mirror as she looks at herself in the mirror before she goes out, Carl is in the background of the mirror with his guitar 6 seconds
  5. Cuts to Charley walking past Carl as if he was a ghost (mid shot) and out of the door 3 seconds
  6. Cuts to Charley grabbing her bag and bottle of vodka 3 seconds
  7. Cuts to Charley walking into a room full of all her friends pre drinking 10 seconds made up of lots of different little shots
  8. Cuts to Carl close up of his face singing 2 seconds
  9. Cuts to all the friends taking shots and laughing and having fun 7 seconds
  10. Cuts to club scene 20 seconds 
  11. Cuts to Carl stood watching over the girls dancing and singing (world passing by, blurred effect) long shot) 5 seconds
  12. Quick short takes of Charley necking back loads of different drinks 5 seconds
  13. Drug taking in the toilet 10 seconds
  14. Weird hand held camera scene to show Charley effected by drugs 6 seconds
  15. Cut to Charley passing out in club 4 seconds
  16. Cut to morning after, in her bedroom, panning down the bed to show the feet (2 pairs, slept with someone) 4 seconds
  17. Boyfriend walking up to door and banging on door 3 seconds
  18. Carl watching through the window and singing 5 seconds
  19. Boyfriend bangs door down, see's cocaine and empty alcohol bottles 5 seconds
  20. Cut to mid shot of 2 pairs of feet sticking out of covers 3 seconds
  21. Close up of boyfriends face in anger 2 seconds
  22. Boyfriend storms out (long shot) banging door loudly wakes up Charley 2 seconds
  23. Charley jumps out of bed and runs out door and down corridor to chase after 4 seconds
  24. Cut to Charley running through park (side shot, establishing shot) and past Carl who is sat on bench with guitar singing
  25. Charley falls down, cuts knees
  26. Cut to Carl singing on bench
  27. Cut to Charley walking back through door, searching through fridge for bottle of wine
  28. Walks into bedroom and sits down necking bottle
  29. Cut into text messages from friends 
  30. Close up of face
  31. Looks under chair to find drugs from night before
  32. Takes drugs
  33. Notes
  34. Runs bath
  35. Downs more wine
  36. Drowns herself

Friday, 14 December 2012

Target Audience Research - Dance Scene

We obviously consider the opinion of our target audience highly, so today myself and Beth had an informal meeting with 3 of your target audience, all in their teens to discuss the use of the dance scene within our video.

We showed them the video to the left to see if they thought it was an effective way of showing the distress and life changes that our own actor has to portray.

They said that they thought it worked really well in terms of showing these things, but in a really different, and less obvious way. One member stated it gave the video more of a meaning, and that with the use of this, the video was open to much more interpretation by the viewer.

After these comments, myself and Beth went away and did some more research into the dance, to get a proper feel for what the original intentions of this dance were, and whether they relate to our cause. We found this 'definition' and felt that it genuinely did match the way we wanted to use the dance.

"The beauty of "The Black Swan" lies in the capacity of Aronofsky mind to link schizophrenia to one of the most popular ballet play. This is like linking the ugly side of mind to one of the most beautiful form of art.The constant fight that every one of us is having between wrong and right, good and bad, our white and our black swan. It takes intelligence and au dace to show a struggle that schizophrenia patient go through in a world of- what society sees as pure beauty- ballet dancers. Lonely girl in a route to perfection and success. Wrong mother - daughter relations, very demanding maestro and jealousy  that drives you mad."

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Test animatic

Blog Update

Fortunately, Beth's auntie is a make up artist and has agreed to do our main actor Charley's make up for the second half of the video to make sure the make up is professionally done.

Characters within our Music Video - Main Actor/Charley Walters

Our main actor, Charley Walters is playing the main character in our Music Video. In contrast to Sam, Charley requires a lot more focus, as she is obviously our main focus point, and because there are 2 contrasting views of her in the two halves on the video. In our first half, she plays a glamorous young adult, who enjoys life, and is happy with her boyfriend and friends. She is healthy and is the same as any other teenager.

This look is easy to achieve as Beth's auntie is a make up artist herself, and Charley, being a young adult has the suitable look and outfits to fit the role. However, as the video progresses, her character becomes much darker, and in essence a complete contrast to the way she is portrayed in the first half of the video. Due to the drastic drug taking etc, and the drastic change to her life, it is prudent to give her a drastically different look.

Therefore, we have to ensure that we can acquire some make-up and use lighting effectively to ensure that Charley looks completely different, and a much more ill person. We will attempt to show this in our own ways.

Phonecall with Beth

Myself and Beth spoke on the phone last night to discuss test shoots. We have decided to move the park test shoots and bath test shoots to next week, where we will we have more time to to get more of the shots done, rather than doing the shoots quickly and not as well.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Target Audience Research - Use of Mirrors ?

Today I spoke to 3 members of our target audience, and asked them how they felt about the use of mirrors. They came back with the following responses.

Risk Assessment

How to combat
Trailing leads loose whilst filming
Tripping over, hazard to actors and directors.
Ensure all leads and cables are out of the way when filming. It may also be necessary to tape the wires down, to avoid them from being kicked, or causing a trip.
As we will be filming in the winter months, there is potential for snow, and ice. This could cause some serious issues not only for actors but also for equipment too. It will also be very cold
Before every shoot outside, survey the area and highlight any risky area’s, and avoid them at all costs. Ensure actors and directors are wearing appropriate footwear, and make sure that outside filming time actors are kept warm to avoid illness.
Nightclub scene
Damage to equipment and actors
To avoid damage to college equipment, we will be using my own phone with it’s 9 megapixel camera HD camera which we feel will be sufficient for the job. We also feel that it will add to the effect of of the scene. As the areas is likely to be busy we should also ensure we choose the right spot, and ensure that the actors are capable of filming.
Damage to equipment
We will be using a number of means to transport equipment and actors from location to location such as Beth’s car, reliable bus services and trains. We feel this is safer than walking, due to the time of year and unpredictability of rain.
Morality Issues
We must ensure our viewers know that no actual drugs have been used in our production, as we will be using sherbet and an assortment of confectionary to portray this effect. We will also be using empty bottles. We also feel it is prudent to include a message to clarify this.
Breakages and wounding to ac tors and directors.
There is a danger of the bottles we are using to break due to the numerous environments we are filming in. To combat this we will be ensuring that all the bottles will be safely held onto tables to make sure no harm comes to actors or equipment
Taxi Scene
Identity Issues
As one of our scenes is filmed in a taxi, it is imperative we get the taxi drivers permission to film prior to filming, as there are ethical and identity issues. We will do this by filming us asking for permission and then showing this on the blog.
Bath Scene
Potential water threat to equipment and actors
In our first and last scene we portray our actor in the bath. We must ensure that all our efforts go into ensuring the safety of our actors and making the shots as safe as a possible. We will include a message alongside the the drug message ensuring views know that no harm came to the actor. We will also no be filling the bath very high and ensuring the shots are taken quickly as the actors health is a priority. Equipment must also be kept away from water to avoid water damage. To do this, we will be placing newspaper and mats around the area we are working to to avoid any cables, and only be in close proximity with water  on one occasion, the rest of the time we will utilise the zoom feature on the cameras.

Idea - Music Video

I found this video on-line whilst browsing the other day. In the first 6 seconds of the video, I really like the effect used, with the fast paced filming, with really intense fast flashbacks. I think these sorts of shots and editing would work perfectly with our video, post drug taking, more specifically, when our main character is running after her boyfriend. It works really well on many levels, not only giving the reader an insight into the night before, but also manages to portray her rash thoughts, and how reckless she is being. It manages to show her state of mind on a more semiotic level.

Props/Costume Issues

The following are a list of props and costumes that myself and Beth feel we need for the video itself. We have worked out the source/origin of the prop/costume and if it is not already available to us, how much on average it will cost.

As you can see, the only things that will really be an issue cost wise are Amara's dance scene costume. However if we find that we cannot purchase the costume, Amara, being a dancer has many costumes that are also available,but may not be as suited to the role, therefore we hope to acquire the appropriate costume.

The Props/Costumes
Where can we get it from?
Sam (friend & singer)
Wine bottles
Recycling at home
From home
Heels & Dress
Blaxk Swan Outfit
Postick notes
From home
Black Swan Mask
Scruffy hooded jacket
Carl’s costume
Shot glasses
Wilkinson’s, Next
Sherbet from shop, paracetomal to act as tablets, rizla and filter tips, lighters and pretend 'drug' bags all from a supermarket or local shop
Fountain Pen

Monday, 10 December 2012

Characters within our Music Video - Carl Martin/Sam Killing

Sam Killing.

Sam Killing, is playing the role of Carl Martin in our music video. Despite not being the main focus of the video, it is still imperative that we ensure that Sam suits the role of Carl Martin. Being an acoustic, Nu-Folk artist, Carl Martin wears casual looking clothes, which suit his 'relaxed' style music. Fortunately for us, Killing also wears similar clothes to Martin, meaning that costumes and props are not a major issue in regards to Carl.

We also feel that, being the sort of genre and artist that Carl is, a guitar would provide a good effect throughout the video. We feel that in majority of the shots of Carl, he will either be playing the guitar, or have a guitar on him. We feel that this suits the song itself. Sam himself  has a range of guitars that could be used for our video.

Casting - Carl Martin

In our Group, we needed someone to play the role of the main singer, Carl Martin. We feel that as this is a Nu-Folk genre song, with elements of acoustic guitars, that the look for the main character is quite specific and select. Therefore, we needed to pick the right person with the right sort of look for the video. Although they will portray the singer, Martin, they are not the focul point of the video, but it is still important to get every aspect of the video to match the connotations, and semiotics that we hear, and imagine (synaesthesia).

We considered both our print design models, Sam Killing, and Adam Paintin. We looked at both characters, and each had their pro's and con's, and matched the role in different ways. Here are some photo's of the two characters.                                 Sam Killing

Sam Killing

                           Sam Killing




Conclusively, we decided to use Sam Killing as our primary actor to play Carl Martin. He, unlike Paintin, enjoyed the song, and we thought this was a vital element in ensuring that our actors will enjoy, and perform well during recording. We also felt that he suited the look better, and that the target audience could relate to Killing more than Paintin.

Music Video Planning : Scenes/Props/Costumes/Locations

Starts off as it ends girl in bath
Bath - House
Bath / Wine bottle/White dress
Cut to carl singing (through window)
Beth’s house - Garden
Guitar /casual indie clothing
Girl in club dancing with friends
Various shots of nightclub
Heels/girls bedroom
Taxi Shot/ girl leaving/walking home
Taxi/ outside house
Enters home/ takes drugs/passes out
Morning after – boyfriend scene
Wine/French doors/ blanket/ sofa/ door
Chasing through park
Guitar/bench/ same costume as night before/heel
Park shot 2 / falling
 Fake blood
Drug scene 2
‘Text Messages’ – the realisation shot
Phone/ Cigarettes
Hall (Spot light, potential green screen)
‘black swan outfit’ – Leotard, face mask,  dark makeup, Tutu, Tights, Ballet Shoes
Pysco shots/ close ups of her face & eyes/  keep cutting in and out of dancing
Cigarettes/ Black Swan Outfit/Makeup running down face
Walking down road/finds post notes/smoking fag
Rainbow Hill
Cigarettes/ Post  Notes/Bag/Fountain Pen/Lighter
Her running bath / Going to fridge for wine
Bath/ Wine/ Fridge/ Notes/ Pen
Drinking Wine/ Getting into bath
Candles/ Wine/ Bath
Drowning scene **health and safety**
White dress/ wine bottle/ bath

Rough scenes - not definitive 

Approx. 10 - 20 shots in each sceneMartin will appear in scenes, noticed/unnoticed 

Sunday, 2 December 2012


I had a thought the other day about using a rewind effect on the video