Thursday, 13 December 2012

Characters within our Music Video - Main Actor/Charley Walters

Our main actor, Charley Walters is playing the main character in our Music Video. In contrast to Sam, Charley requires a lot more focus, as she is obviously our main focus point, and because there are 2 contrasting views of her in the two halves on the video. In our first half, she plays a glamorous young adult, who enjoys life, and is happy with her boyfriend and friends. She is healthy and is the same as any other teenager.

This look is easy to achieve as Beth's auntie is a make up artist herself, and Charley, being a young adult has the suitable look and outfits to fit the role. However, as the video progresses, her character becomes much darker, and in essence a complete contrast to the way she is portrayed in the first half of the video. Due to the drastic drug taking etc, and the drastic change to her life, it is prudent to give her a drastically different look.

Therefore, we have to ensure that we can acquire some make-up and use lighting effectively to ensure that Charley looks completely different, and a much more ill person. We will attempt to show this in our own ways.

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