Thursday, 21 March 2013


Question 3) What have you learned from your audience feedback?

When creating my media package, I knew that audience feedback prior and post production was vital in ensuring that my product succeeded in pinpointing and maintaining audiences attention. Prior to video production, we had a very clear idea of who we wanted to target for our package. We displayed these idea's in the form of a pitch, which we presented to a class of media student's, to receive feedback and build on our idea.

Our intended target audience was very specific, and we felt this was necessary as our genre is quite a select and individual area of music. We decided that our target audience would be from the ages 16-24, targetting the teen to young adult audience. We also concluded that, due to the nature of the music, our audience was likely to be predominantly female, with a socio-economic rating of B to C1 (outdated) and a psycho graphic rating of mainstream.  After presenting the pitch, we found that most of our idea's were generally accepted by our audience, and that the idea's fitted into the genre of our video.

After the pitch presentation, we also decided to play our song to the same target audience, and have them complete a synaesthesia activity to improve the amount and accuracy of idea's for our music video.  We found that most people associated the song with depressive traits, such as rain, and dark scenes. Therefore we included the use of dark lighting and close up shots to convey emotion and feeling.

In regards to post production, I decided that it would be good to ask 2 audience members from my intended target audience about how they felt about the text, how and what they have they have taken from the text. 
I found that the two audience members, felt that the music video had been what they had expected from the genre folk/Nufolk, but with some elements of entropy, such as the Black Swan scene.  They felt that the text allowed them to relate to real life, as teenagers, and felt that they could relate their own experiences to the video, with the use of closeups conveying emotion and feeling. Pleasures offered included emotion, feeling and sensitivity, connoted through the use of closeups, and soft colours on the digipak. They were able to develop these pleasures from prior watching of music video's in my genre as a form of cultural capital.

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