Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Evaluation Plan


Reference to inspirations : ED SHEERAN
                                       JACK JOHNSON
                                       BLACK SWAN
Reference to video's we did not replicate : Lots of visual effects, lighting and extensive editing
                                                                We attempted to maintain a simplistic style
                                                                 Attempted to stick to our style of genre - NuFolk

Use of images/music video sections to compare to our own, and attempt to identify similarities and differences between our own and other videos in the genre.

Include audience feedback, audio and written responses to see effect and meanings connoted by video

How did preliminary tasks help us creatively ?

How coherent was our package ?
Talk about pro's and con's of our 'coherent' package
How was it coherent ?
How was it not ?
Based on coherence was the package effective ?

 Include audience feedback prior to video and post video
What did they make of the text ?
What aspects did they like ?
What aspects did they dislike ?
Do they think it fits into the genre ?
Based on audience feedback what would you change ?
How have they read the text ? What meanings have they adapted from it ?

What technologies did you use ?
How did you use them effectively ?
Was the balance between creativity and technology even ?
If you had endless resources what would you change ?
Would you change the style of the video ? Or just improve the way the quality ?
How did media 2.0 benefit your work ?

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