Monday, 17 September 2012

Anthony Goodwin's Frameworks Analysis


-The visuals presented are in time with the tempo of the song, quick short takes for short lyrics, and longer takes for a longer set/ more meaningful lyrics, or before a drop into the chorus.
- In regards tot he grain of voice, the, during the chorus when auto tune is used to make his voice deeper, and rougher, the screen becomes a lot more distorted as a representation of his voice

Narrative and Performance
-In regards to narration, at least half of this song is under narrative. The video shows parallel editing of some kind, as it flits back and forth between Kanye in a different place, and him under going surgery to, ultimately make him 'stronger' which is the name of the song, and what the lyrics talk about.
- The visuals throw off any potential ambiguities about the song title 'Stronger' when the filming opens with him entering or just coming out of surgery to evidently make him 'Stronger' The video retains some ambiguity by not directly showing how he is 'stronger' other than the mysterious back light behind him on the image above, which enables for repeated viewing for viewers to make they're own assumptions on how he is stronger.

Technical Aspects
-Throughout this video, during the operation parts of the film, the mise en scene is portrayed as quite futuristic and modern. The other part of the film, portrays a city similar to Tokyo, which gives the viewer questions to ask themselves. Has he made himself stronger for the future ? Or is he just enhancing his musical career in this day and age ?
-There is also a repetitive stroblight behind West's head, signifying his 'strengthening'

Star Image 
- Within this video, West's intended image, through the video is to be re-enhanced scientifically, and physically. In regards to his lyrics, this is where the two differ, as his lyrics are intended to portray a different kind of 'stronger' or change.

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